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11-02-2023, 13:24
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ҷҳ ҷ  ҳ ҷҳӣ ӯ ҳ қ 10 ҷҳ ҳҳ қ Ҳ Ҷҳ ҷ Қҳ ҳ ҷҷӯӣ ҷҳ ғ . ҳ.

ҳ 40 ҷҳ ҳққ ҳ ҳ қӣ ғ . ҷҳ ҷ ҷ ҷ , ҷ ҳ ҳ қ . ҳ ҳ ҷҷӯӣ ҷҳӣ ҳ ҳ ӣ ,- ҳ .

Ҳ ӯҳ ҷҳ ҳҳ қ ӣ ҳ Ғ, қ ҷ ӯ .

, Ғ ҳӣ , ҳ ҳ . ҳ қҳ ҷ ҳ . ҷҳ ҳ ғ . Қ ҷҳ ҷ ӯӣ ҳ , ҷҷӯ ҷ ҳ ҳ ҳ ҳ .

, ҷ ҳқ , ҷҳ ҳҳ қ ӣ ҷҳӣ ҷ .

, ӯҳ ҷҳ 50 , Ҷҳ ҷ, ҳ ӣ ҳ ӣ .

Ҳ ҷ ҷ ҳ ӣ ҳ Ҷҳ ӯ .
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, ҳ қ . ӯ, ҳ ҳ, қ қ .
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Neil Parnes 26 2023 19:44
Hello There,

I've to start by introducing myself as an investment broker consultant working under the mandate of Banco Financials headquarters here in Ottawa, Canada to reach out to project owners
and business men and women for funding cooperation between their companies/firms.

In introducing the company I represent, Banco Financials is a private Investment Company, is one of the leading strategic investors based in Canada and the United States.

Since its establishment the company has focused on contributing to the sustainable development of the region while creating value through investments in fundamental growing sectors and
growth, through focusing on essential sectors including Oil & Gas, Banking & Finance, project management, tourism, Aviation, Real estate, Business Investment, Marine Projects, Solar project
and industrialization, mathematics, agriculture, forest management, Education, printing, advertising, broker, mining, film, farm.

However, Banco Financials has put forward unique investment opportunities and facilitated the development of various projects that meet the local and international market needs.

Banco Financials is acting as a lender and the loan will be disbursed on a clear Loan of 3.5% Interest annually to project owners and Equity Partners for their Investment Projects.
They focus on seed Capital, Early-stage, start-up ventures, existing LLC and total completion and expansion of Investment Projects with immediate Funding.

Banco Financial can invest in any country on a good conduct with both parties.

Hope to hear from you if we've a common goal of a better tomorrow through investments. Kindly revert back to me via email: " Neilparneshamilton@hotmail.com " if you deem it necessary for me to
elaborate more in this regard, I await your affirmative response so we can proceed.

Best Regards,
Neil Parnes (Senior Investment Consultant)
Banco Financials
Head Office: 340 Legget Drive, Suit 101, Ottawa, ON K2K 1Y6, Canada
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