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18-09-2020, 09:30
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Ӣ  - Ҳ  Ҳ17 - ҷӣ қ-ҳ Ҳ ҳ қ ӯҳ ғ қ Ҷҳ ҷ Ҳ қ ҷ ӯ ӯҳҳ ғ ӣ, ҳӣ ҳ Ҷҳ ҷ 28 қ , ҳ Ҳ ҳ ҳ, Ҳ ҳ ӣ ., қ ҷ ҳ ҳ ҳ ҳ ҳ .
ҳ ҳ Ҷҳ ҷ Ҳ қ ҷ ӣ , қ , ҳ , ҳҳ ӣ, ҳӣ, ҳӣ ӣ, ҳ ӣ қҳ ҷ ҳ ҷҳ , ҳ ӣ ҳ . ҷ, , Ҷҳ ҷ ӯ ҳ ҳ қ , 7 ҳҷ ҳ ҳ ӣ 3 ҳ ҷӯ ҳ ӣ 5.1 ӣ .
Ҳ , ӯҳ ғӣ , , ӯ , ҷ ҳ.
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, ҳ қ . ӯ, ҳ ҳ, қ қ .
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Albert Hall 30 2020 05:22
Great Mirzozoda Ibrohim, in turn, discussed various aspects of the election program of the candidate for President of the People's Democratic Party of Tajikistan and discussed the implementation of this program, the development of priorities, strategic goals, business development, drinking water supply, creative work in The capital of the country and outstanding initiatives of the world level Leader of the Nation, Emomali Rahmon expressed his views on water issues. In particular, it was noted that today the Republic of Tajikistan has adopted the industrialization of the country as its fourth goal and it should be added that over the past 7 years the volume of industrial production has increased 3 times and the share of GDP increased by 5.1 percentage points.
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